YourDesq platform

Image YourDesq platform

With the YourDesq Insights Platform we co-created new functionality on top the current YourDesq platform. We designed a dashboard which monitors the productivity and wellbeing of employees, with endless possibilities to keep improving in these areas.


For employees we created a dashboard to watch their own metrics closely, see where they are the most productive and get usefull tips and tricks to improve their wellbeing and productivity. But that's not all: employees are also able to book online courses and trainings at YourDesq facilities which they find suitable for areas they want to improve in.


We've given employers not only the tools to manage the entire team's wellbeing and productivity, but also to view it at an individual basis. Watch each individual employee grow with the many offered courses and trainings and use that as an advantage to assign certain tasks to a specific employee. For employers we've also created the possibility to follow courses and trainings to improve themselves. Manage your team even better, and get the best out of your employees productivity and wellbeing.